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  • Are prepared for the Real World? In this class you will be introduced to Web 2.0. You will learn how to use Google Docs and Presentations (including uploading/transferring documents from other programs such as MS Office), all about blogs, internet searching, Google Applications (Spreadsheets and Forms), Google Sites (creating websites and secure group Wikis), Online Images, Web Albums, and Copyright, Google Earth and Google Maps, Digital Storytelling, Social Networking (education and business uses), bookmarking with Symbaloo, Google Calendar (time management) and Career and Job Interview.

    Self enrolment: Web 2.0-Fall 2017-1st Hour
  • Welcome to College & Career Readiness. We will be doing a variety of things this semester including preparation for ACT/SAT, Bringing Your A Game, March to Success.

    Guest access: College & Career ReadinessSelf enrolment: College & Career Readiness
  • This is a dual enrollment college level course, extra work will be required. The first semester of accounting includes the process of recording business transactions in an orderly fashion and preparing financial statements for a service business.  During the second semester, concepts are practiced for a merchandising business. The Accounting Cycle includes analysis of business transactions, journalizing, posting, worksheets, financial statements, banking activities, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. This course provides the learner with an entry-level job skill. Successful completion of this course with a “C” or better will earn 4 credit hours at Trinidad State Junior College.

    Self enrolment: ACC121 - Accounting I
  • Do students know or have what it takes to make it in the business world? If business is in their future thoughts, this course will give them the opportunity to understand the business world better. This course is an introduction to many business subjects and will familiarize students with many subjects offered in the Business Department. Topics of study include: economic systems; personal finance; one's role as a consumer; using banking services; making wise credit decisions; saving and investing money; taxes; introduction to accounting; entrepreneurship, business management, marketing and government regulation. This is a college level course and will require work outside of class.

    Self enrolment: BUS103-Intro to Business
  • This is a dual enrollment/single weighted college level course, extra work will be required This course is designed for students either college-bound or those pursuing entry-level employment.  The first unit is a review of Accounting I. The new material includes accounting for notes receivable, inventories, long-term assets, notes payable, long-term liabilities, issuing stock, stock earnings and distributions, partnerships, cash flow statements along with the analysis and interpretation of financial statements. Successful completion of this course with a “C” or better will earn 4 credit hours for ACC122 at Trinidad State Junior College.

    Guest access: ACC122 - Accounting II*Self enrolment: ACC122 - Accounting II*

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